I have always thought that blogs were such a nice creative outlet and looked up to people who ran successful blogs. I have quite a few thoughts and am self-centered enough to think they should be published to the internet. I like thinking about things, making art, and sharing experiences that make me feel.

My name is Elizabeth, but I’m in the market for a new one. I am currently 18 years old. I graduated from high school a year ago and took a year off. I absolutely adore learning and would love to go to school some day soon though. I work at a Starbucks which yes I know is so typical of an 18 year old white female. But I like it. I’ve always loved coffee and getting to brighten someones day inspires me.

I can be super pessimistic but I love a lot of things such as coffee, plants, my perfume, animals, dresses, ripped men’s jeans, the way old books smell, how the air can be a certain color or feel a certain way, siracha, cooking, making art, playing guitar, kids, Jesus, travel, adventure, and anything that makes me feel.

Finding intimacy and relation with other people, making life feel more real is what draws me to do this. So I hope you enjoy following along on my rants and raves and adventures.