A New Beginning

After I graduated high school things simply did not work out (and part of me didn’t want them to) for me to go to college. Life got messy and college was not my top priority at the time. Anyways, I say that to lead to the declaration that this year I am going to college! If everything goes to plan and God permits I will go to Georgia State University and be living with my best friend December down in Atlanta by August. (by the way she also is a new blogger and you should totally check her out- apunadaykeepsthecripplingdepressionaway )


Look at this cool street art I found downtown once on an adventure with December

I’m so so so excited to finally be branching out and really starting my big girl life. It is a lot of responsibility and weight of oh crap I have to actually pay for my whole life by myself but it’s thrilling and daunting and riveting all at the same time to think about.

December and I have been friends since our junior of high school. I was the intimidating alternative girl in drama class who started ranting about how she was beautiful and how our friendship would be golden. It took a few months after that for our friendship to click but when it did, boy was it off haha. December isn’t great with boundaries and I’m not great with socially acceptable behavior and so our friendship has definitely been unorthodox, un-pruned, and wildly beautiful.


From our adventure to Tallulah Gorge Georgia with our ex-boyfriends who are also best friends

She and I both come from crazy families and so there’s a lot of empathy there which is greatly appreciated when no one else understands your struggles as you rant about your mom’s latest episode and how she tried to blackmail you.


I’m not an easy person to live with but if anyone could do it, it’d be December. And living down in Atlanta surrounded by people and culture and food and music and friends and architecture and art is going to be flipping amazing.

I’m also debating whether on not I should try and go out for a sport. I love being active but my family didn’t have the money to put me in sports. My junior year of high school I did track which was awesome (and painful). But maybe a little pain and awkwardness would be fun and a good growing experience aaaand help me out in the money department for school. Tennis maybe?

So I am super stoked for this new season of life that’s starting and hopefully you guys will find it interesting as well.  So leave a like or a comment or both if you’re feeling ambitious! Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to hear my opinion on or any questions about me you want answered. Thanks y’all!


From when we found a wall of art for peace done by school kids down in Little 5 Points in Atlanta


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