This Is Me

IMG_2158Hello there.

My name is Elizabeth Faye Savage.

I am 18 years old and extremely confused. About what?


So I am no different than any other young adult. I am unnervingly average. And so I am peculiar. If anything at all can be a definite statement about me it is this- I am a walking contradiction. You will most likely come to find this as time goes on but who doesn’t love a roller-coaster?

Well I suppose some people don’t enjoy the feeling of soaring acceleration and  rapidly plummeting towards the Earth. Those people will never experience the quiet peak of curiosity towards drugs, or the adrenaline rush of being scared or pushing themselves closer and closer to danger and risk. Those people will not make a risky but compelling investment in the stock market. Those people will not chose a horror or suspense movie over an different option with a guaranteed to satisfy ending.

But we are not those people, are we? You’ve found yourself in a little hole in the wall blog you adventurous you.

Anyways back to me because all of this is about me because I am a self diagnosed ( so not real at all by the way for those of you who try to claim a mental illness without a diagnosis BS) narcissist. I mean why else would I create a blog. It’s just me writing about me because in my silly little head I have thoughts and words that people should want to read about.

I am, however, bi-polar (diagnosis and everything). My emotions have ran on extreme cycles for as long as I can remember. This can make life a bit difficult sometimes and make me an extremely hard person to love but a few people have ventured to none the less.

I absolutely adore anything that makes me feel something. I am a drug addict. My drug is feeling. When your emotions go all over the place all the time it can make you a bit numb. So I search for extremes and anything less simply isn’t good enough. I know, I hate me too. So an adventurers life is the life for me. I have the not so unique desire to feel unique and so I set out in the world to attempt to see, feel, hear, taste, experience and create moments that have not been before. But aren’t we all. Isn’t every moment infinitely unique for every living organism who bears witness to it? Just as there are alternate realities for every possible decision for every possible decision aren’t there infinite alternate experiences by each individual for each individual infinitesimal moment of an experience?

No? Okay cool moving on.

I love physics, in particular astro-physics. I also love the Judo/Christian God Yahweh. *walking contradiction*  never mind that one because one of the biggest misconceptions of our time ( in my humble and semi-important opinion) is that there is some sort of disconnect between God and science, which is simply not true.

I draw/paint/whatever and play guitar. Neither are exceptional skills of mine. I also enjoy writing oh wow much surprise. I love acting and theatre as well. Mostly I like thinking and feeling and collecting moments.

I have auburn hair. That’s a brownish red color. I felt I should include that because it is my most distinguishable feature and most people recognize me by it. It is my uniqueness an has always been kept long ( except for those four dark months of my adolescence that I looked like Dora for).

To bring it all back down to Earth and really make me human and relate-able I will pepper in the fact that I work at a Starbucks. I have always loved coffee and people and am in desperate need for money so- Starbucks.

But yes, this is me. You’ll find out more as time goes on.



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